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Tandy 2 croppedTandy 2 croppedTandy at DeskTandy Rackerby received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications from Arizona State University.  After three decades working in the human resources field she took that “great leap of faith”, changed careers, and followed her heart.

 Tandy will complete her Masters of Science degree in Counseling with a concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy from Prescott College in 2015.  Through several internships she has run art therapy groups in Arizona residential addiction treatment settings, co-facilitated a DBT outpatient program at Porter Hospital’s Behavioral Health Center, and brought healing arts bedside to oncology patients at Presbyterian St. Luke’s and Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children in Denver.

Currently she is an art therapist for Mount Saint Vincent Home, a day and residential program for children ages 5 – 12 who are experiencing complex trauma, PTSD, sexual abuse, attachment disorders and neglect.  She also presents art therapy workshops for the recovery communities in Denver.

Tandy presented a panel discussion “Prayer Flags and Murals – A Therapeutic response for Community Healing” at the 2014 American Art Therapy Association 45th annual convention in San Antonio, Texas.

She recently submitted a proposal for consideration to the International Expressive Art Therapy Association for the upcoming 2015 11th annual conference in Hong Kong.  Tandy and Paulina Buonafina developed the first Oncology Art Therapy program in a Guatemalan hospital during the summer of 2014.


       Tandy’s First Job!    ABC News Photographer,  Las Vegas, 1974

News Photographer.2Tandy ABC photographer



FrozenFrank Rackerby, her partner and best friend.  Along the road Frank acquired graduate degrees in Anthropology from Northwestern and numerous certifications and awards in Anthropology, Business, Addictions Treatment, and Nonprofit Management. Now nominally “retired” he embarks on the Frozen Rainbow journey with enthusiasm.  Presently he works in Denver on the addictions treatment team at CeDAR, a unit of the University of Colorado Hospital, Anschutz Campus.  Frank also serves on the Board of Directors of Soul’s Palette, a nonprofit organization providing art therapy services in the Denver area.


Us in Breckenridge                                   Frank and Tandy always have a camera within reach.


Sam Coodley received his BA degree in Film Theory & Production from Prescott College. For his senior project, Sam promoted and established Prescott College’s premiere Film FeSams Pix for websitestival. In addition to showing a documentary and a short science fiction narrative he directed, he assisted in the production of other student documentaries. Both his most recent video and other student films he helped produce have accepted to the Prescott Film Festival. Sam already works with Prescott College, creating promotional videos and stock footage for multiple departments. Most recently he assisted Tandy in creating a tribute video to the nineteen fallen Prescott firefighters.

He is passionate about utilizing the increasingly digital climate of his generation to discover the positive potential for individual and social growth. From social media to local screenings, Sam enjoys making, producing, and sharing videos for a variety of people and causes. Visit www.vimeo.com/samcoodley and see some of his videos today! 

Sam can be contacted at samcoodley@gmail.com