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Frozen Rainbows will offer a self-teaching module and guide to help therapists or other counseling staff assist their clients to make personal animated affirmations.  The virtual affirmation will use simple software and will combine the client’s own voice with a special picture they will create to become a unique “self portrait”.  These digital affirmations can then be loaded on their smartphone and iPads and played back whenever they need the support.  This is a further development of Frozen Rainbow’s commitment to be in the forefront of digitally aided art therapy.


Transitions Magazine CoverTandy co-authored articles for Transitions describing the experiential learning camping trip down Colorado river last fall and her work with the fall Documentary Class that put on the first successful film festival on campus. Transitions, a publication for the Prescott College community, is published two times a year by the Office of Institutional Advancement.

The issue can be seen at either link below.



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