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New Mexico PhotoTherapy Techniques Workshop

During the second weekend of March, 2013 I attended an “Introduction to Judy Weiser’s PhotoTherapy Techniques” 3-day workshop at Southwest College in Santa Fe.  Judy is a pioneer in Judy and Tandy editedthe field of PhotoTherapy.

    When integrating PhotoTherapy Techniques into a therapeutic setting “clients use their own personal snapshots, family albums, and pictures taken by others (and the feelings, memories, and thoughts, these evoke) to deepen and enhance therapeutic communication in ways not possible using words (or inner self reflection) alone”. Tandy at Santa Fe Workshop.03  (Weiser 2013, Workshop Prospectus). According to Judy, “the emotional contents of any photograph are far more important than its visual details, clients’ snapshots and family photos can be powerful yet safe nonverbal ‘bridges’ that quickly connect them with memories, feelings, values, and information far below conscious awareness  along with deeply held beliefs, assumptions, expectations, and judgments that these produce“.

 Here is some additional information about this wonderful person.

 Judy Weiser, R.Psych., A.T.R.  Founder & Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre (Vancouver, Canada). Author of the book “PhotoTherapy Techniques: Exploring the Secrets of Personal Snapshots and Family Albums.” Learn through slide‐illustrated presentations, instructor guided role plays and numerous experiential practice sessions, how incorporating clients’ own personal and family photographs into your mental health practice can improve your ability to help them.  For more information about PhotoTherapy, www.phototherapy‐ 


March 14-17, 2013  “Expressive Arts in the Winds of Change”      View of Bay 1

International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA), 10th Biennial International Conference in Berkeley, California.  Keynote Speaker, Natalie Rogers 

The challenge of the conference was expressed eloquently in this statement from the announcement:

“How do we rise to meet the Winds of Change? Do we flail wildly in the violent gusts? Do we stand firmly as the jet stream passes over us? Do we ride the winds like ethereal surfers

Ribbons in the wind





                                                                     or like ribbons in the breeze?”    

Workshops I attended included:

 “Thriving in the Winds of Change: Attending to Emergent Processes”, Various Presenters

“The Changer and the Changed: Group process, Individual change”, Presenter Camille Smith

“Person Centered Expressive Arts: Creating Community Medicine”, Presenters Shellee Davis, Mukti Khanna 

“Expressive Remix Workshop: Using Digital Media Art and Therapy”, Presenter Jeffrey Jamerson  

    A high point of the conference was my personal interview with Natalie Rogers


              I am so grateful for her time and encouragement

one creation     Follow this link for more information and pictures of the conference.


Brain Education Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona

 Brain Education Conference: Integrated Learning for the 21st Century, April 20, 2014 

Arizona Cactus 2013
Arizona Cactus 2013


I attended this International Brain Education Association and the Brain Education Academy (IBREA) conference at the Arizona State University Tempe Campus.  Sessions included Brain Education for Global Leadership, with Ilchi Lee, president of (IBREA); Brain Targeted Teaching, with Mariale Hardiman, director, Johns Hopkins University Neuro-Education Initiative; Understanding Autism and ADHD, with Raun Melmed, medical director and founder, Melmed Center; and a pre-conference workshop: The Nuts and Bolts of Brain Education, with Dave Beal, a National Brain Education trainer.

“Awakening the potential of the brain means mastering our physical, mental and cognitive abilities and unleashing our true creativity. Through doing this, we naturally recover a sense of responsibility and awareness. We come to realize that how I am living at this very moment has an impact on the future of humanity and the earth.”  For more information please visit their website —








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